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ООО "Термообробка"

Drying cabinet for fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, mushrooms, nuts, seeds

Drying cabinet for fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, фото 2
Информация для заказа
Inside, the drying cabinet is made of food sheet aluminum, insulated with foam plastic and sealed with silicone sealant. Exterior of the cabinet case is covered with sheets of galvanized steel. Trays are made of stainless food steel and stainless food grid. Infrared heaters are located above each tray, which leads to a uniform drying of the product. The wavelength of the infrared radiation interacts directly with the water molecule, resulting in the removal of moisture from the product occurs from the middle to the surface. Thanks to infrared panels, drying products is faster than in convection cells and the content of vitamins, trace elements and nutrients remaining in the product is close to 100%. Moisture and temperature sensors are placed in the dryer, which control these indicators and transmit to the computer. Fans, when working drying cabinets are constantly included - to mix the warm air and release moisture outside. The drying process is in automatic mode, all stages of drying control the computer. The result of drying the product is very convenient thanks to the window mounted in the door. Temperature modes of drying from 35 to 52 degrees Celsius. The drying period depends on the product, thickness, size, layering layer, the presence of the stone and is from 3 to 10 hours.
Производитель  Термообробка
Страна производительУкраина
Вид сушки  Инфракрасная
Область применения   Для сушки пищевых полуфабрикатов,  Для сушки овощей,  Для сушки фруктов,  Для сушки зелени,  Для сушки грибов,  Для сушки ягод,  Для сушки семечек,  Для сушки кукурузных зерен
Режим работыЦикличный
Минимальная рабочая температура25 град.
Максимальная рабочая температура52.0 (град.)
Минимальное время сушки60 хв
Максимальное время сушки500 хв
Мощность5.0 (кВт)
Максимальная загрузка  150.0 (кг)
Энергопотребление4.0 (кВт/год)
Количество секций  20 (шт.)
Вид секций сетка,  лоток
Высота секций80 (мм)
Масса200.0 (кг)
Срок службы10.0 (лет)
Габаритные размеры
Длина1000.0 (мм)
Ширина2000.0 (мм)
Высота2200.0 (мм)
  • Цена: 177 500 грн.